Eyþing is one of eight regional associations in Iceland. These are formed by the municipal governments in each region to collaborate on local interests. The regional associations also have a significant role in providing services to the regions through cooperatives in fields such as social services, culture and business innovation.

Regional associations are free associations according to article 97 in the Local Government Act no. 138/2011.
Eyþing is the regional association of 13 municipalities in the Northeast of Iceland, including more than 30,000 inhabitants. The municipalities are Akureyri , Norðurþing Fjallabyggð , Dalvíkurbyggð , Eyjafjarðarsveit Hörgársveit , Svalbarðsstrandarhreppur , Grýtubakkahreppur , Skútustaðahreppur , Tjörneshreppur , Þingeyjarsveit, Svalbarðshreppur and Langanesbyggð. Eyþing was founded in 1992.

Eyþings role is to be a consultative forum of local government and to manage projects and/or funds entrusted to it by local and/or national government. Its objective is to promote cooperation between local governments, safeguard their interests, support industries and enhance quality of life in the entire region economically , socially and culturally.

Eyþing works toward these goals through collaboration with other institutions and networks in the region, with the Ministry of Municipal Affairs , other associations of Local Authorities and other regional associations of municipalities nationally and internationally.